Introducing iOn, the cool new way to control your environment.

What iOn is…

iOn is a cool new way to control your environment that opens up a whole world of design possibilities…

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What iOn does…

Just like the screen on your smart phone, iOn is controlled by a capacitive proximity switching system…

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Why you’ll want to own iOn…

iOn can replace almost any switch in your home. Install iOn flush on a wall – or invisibly inside a wall…

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We’ve launched a campaign on KICKSTARTER to raise the funds to complete our certifications and put iOn into production. There is only a short time left to become a backer and be one of the first to have your own iOn.


What people think about iOn…

“So you still have light switches in your home? That is so retro. Thankfully iOn is here to bring (you) into the future.”

“Great product. Extremely simple to use.”
Philip E.
“Watch out, Clapper; there’s a new switch in town.”
“Very innovative and useful. I would describe it as the next generation of the light switch.”
Kayla C.
“If you’re equipping yourself with a future-proof smart home, we both know (mechanical light switches) gotta go. These iOn capacitive switches could be one sweet way to go.”

Ron S.