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What Can You Do With Your Old Mobile Phone?

What Can You Do With Your Old Mobile Phone?

Every now and then new gadgets seem to appear in the market and it is an undeniable fact that it is pretty hard to stick into the old gadgets we have. Today almost everyone is using mobiles therefore we come across a lot of old phones. As a result over 23 million mobile phones are hiding in drawers, cupboards, garages over Australia. That is equivalent of 2200 tons of plastic, metal, minerals and glass which has the urge to be recycled desperately. Therefor the million dollar question is: what to do with the old mobile phones? Hence, if your phone is still useable then you can sell it and if not you can give it to a company which will recycle it for you.

The option of recycling
Mobiles are non-biodegradable waste and it definitely comprises a lot of the landfills. But yet most of the materials used in mobile phones can be recovered and it is over 90%. Therefor these materials can be handy in making certain other products like stainless steel. It is discovered that tone of mobile phone materials recovered is equivalent to a reduction of 10 tonnes of greenhouse gas emission. Therefore it is advisable to recycle it rather than just keeping it with you or throwing it away and by doing so you will indirectly protect the earth.

Recycling by trading
One of the best ways to recycle is to trade it within the country. Rather than throwing the old mobile it can be sold to people within the country. If not you can recycle and sell it. Most of the developed countries used phones are recycled and is handed over to the developing countries. There are many options left with you than just throwing it away and being a part of environmental pollution. Your old phone can be traded with shop keepers, it can be refurbished and resold, your phone can be given freely to the poor who are unable to afford such phones which will make their lives better, and you can give your mobile phone to companies which recycle them and sometimes give them away to soldiers. Therefore trade in mobile phone for cash or to give it away freely might be one of the best options you have with regard to recycling.

If you cannot resell then you can look into online options regarding recycling your phone or directly hand it to a company which will do the recycling. By this way you will be able to save the earth from pollution and ultimately it will result in a healthier atmosphere for human beings. Mainly in mobile companies that are into phones do recycling projects as a part of their corporate social responsibility.